Ministry Resource - Volume 3


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WARNING: You will get scripture stuck in your heart if you use to these. These are only for kids from 1-100.

If your goal is to lead worship, memorize scripture, and have tons of fun doing it then THIS IS THE TOOL YOU NEED.
Discover what over 10,000 churches have discovered. Kids love singing and learning with JumpStart3.

In this Digital Ministry Resource you get:

  • Full Mix Lyric Videos (to sing along with JumpStart3 as you lead worship)
  • Full Mix Audio Files
  • Performance Track Lyric Videos (You provide the vocals. great for scripture karaoke)
  • Performance Track Audio Files
  • Hand Motion Tutorial Videos (Step by step instructions to train your leaders)
  • Hand Motion Demonstration Videos (To help your leaders practice)
    Remember: Videos don’t lead worship. PEOPLE DO! Have fun and go crazy! Your kids will follow your example.
    All videos are HD Quality 720p MP4 files

Track List:
1) Matthew 5:16 – Let Your Light Shine
2) Proverb 4:18 – The Path of The Righteous
3) Psalm 119:105 – Your Word
4) John 4:13-14 – Never Thirst
5) 2 Corinthians 2:15 – We Are To God
6) Psalm 19:1-2 – The Heavens Declare
7) 2 Timothy 1:7 – The Spirit God Gave Us
8) Matthew 28:19 – Go And Make Disciples
9) Isaiah 45:5 – I Am The Lord
10) Exodus 3:14 – God Said To Moses
11) Mark 12:30 – Love The Lord
12) Ephesians 6:1-3 – Obey Your Parents

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