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This license allows you to use the music you have purchased from us in your live stream productions. This does not include any music!

When you purchase 1 or all of our songs, you receive a license to use our songs in person at your church, school, or camp. You do not have permission to upload our songs or videos or to send copies of our songs and videos to anyone. These items are copywritten.

We have created this annual digital streaming license to provide you a legal way to use our songs and videos in your online and streaming services.

We have seen an increase in new audiences online around the world. We know that even when everyone is meeting in person many will continue creating online content. We want to continue to be a part of your online services.

JumpStart3 is offering Churches, Schools, Camps and other non-profit groups an Annual Streaming Master Use License.

This will allow you to use all jumpStart3 songs and Videos in your services that you stream, Livestream, and allow you to upload on the internet. We created these songs and videos to be used in your services and we believe God will help us all accomplish even more with the addition of your online services!

This license is needed regardless of where you purchased your Songs or Videos. (, JumpStart3 booth at an event, VBS kit or curriculum you purchased).

Our Annual Limited Streaming Master Use License starts at just $1 per week. This additional license extends your permission for online streaming and use.
This affordable annual license fee will help us to continue to develop more resources for the future of your ministry.

Ave. Weekly Church Attendance: JumpStart3 Annual License Fee
• Under 500: $52 per year ($1 per week!)
• 500-1,999 size: $99 per year ($1.90 per week)
• 2,000-4,999 size: $149 per year ($2.86 per week)
• 5,000-9,999 size: $199 per year ($3.82 per week)
• 10,000+ size: $249 per year ($4.78 per week)
For 1 year from the purchase of your annual license, you will be allowed to use songs and videos by JumpStart3 in your online services. Whether it’s a Livestream, on a church website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel you can use our songs and videos to help you minister.
(We ask that you only use our songs as part of a service. our songs must be no more than 33% of the length of the video. Please do not post individual songs or hand motions online).
JumpStart3 media masters include Song Audio, lyric Videos, and Hand Motion Videos.
Added Benefits of this license:
To help you not have problems with audio being muted on Facebook we will whitelist
your account to prevent JumpStart3 audio from being stopped or flagged. For this to be in effect you must submit to us the URL of your Facebook page and Instagram account and
Send an email to with the subject whitelist
We will then submit your channel to have our permission to post JumpStart3’s audio for the 365 days of your annual license.

We still highly suggest that you have a CCLI streaming license to cover the songwriter side of the songs. Please report the songs your church uses to CCLI to ensure all songwriters are paid for the song use.
Get your Annual Streaming Master Use License from JumpStart3 here.

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  1. Jeff Durham

    Thank You so much for the "Education" on licensing and the correct direction for using your products. I don't believe a lot of people have been following this rule. We need to educate people.

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