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Welcome to the download site for Jumpstart3! You will find this site broken up into three basic parts: (1) Must Do, (2) Should Do and (3) Could Do. Be sure to explore each of these areas in order to effectively plan and promote fro our big event! In addition, I will be sending you a series of emails to support you through the process. Finally, one week prior to the show, my assistant will be calling you to confirm any last minute details and answer any questions you may have. I am looking forward to working together!

Must Do

Set Up Team

The One-Hour Show requires two individuals to arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the show. These individuals will help unload the trailer and assist with set up of the stage.

Resource Table

Two individuals will assist with set up and working at the resource table before and after the show. More detail found below.

Load Out Team

The Show requires two individuals to stay for approximately 45-minutes after the show to tear down the stage and re-load the trailer.

We have several options for opening the show! Review each option and consider the unique aspects of your event. Please download the Tech Requirements for the Sound Team. You may have already received this sheet as an attachment from me in an email. I have placed it here again for convenience.

Download Tech Requirements
Should Do

Strategically use this video to promote during your service and even through FaceBook promotions.

Could Do

If you are interested in capturing names and addresses of the guests at the event, consider doing a door prize giveaway. You create sign up cards gathering the desired information and provide a place for people to fill them out. You may purchase one (or more) of the items from our resource table at a 20% discount to use as the prize for the winning entry that is drawn.

Resource table items include:

  • Popsocket- $5 (discount price $4)
  • Mohawk wigs- $10 (discount price $8)
  • Lego guy - $10 (discount price $8)
  • Family Music/Videos- $25 (discount price $20)
  • T-shirt - $20 (discount price $16)
Posters and Postcards

Download this folder for access to promotional posters, fliers and inserts of all sizes.

Download Media
Social Media Pictures

Download this folder for access to social media pictures.

Download Media
Email Template

Download this to download the tour letter email template.

Download Media

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