Juan 14:5-6 Digital Single - Español


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This song comes from our first Spanish Resource - El Camino - check it out

When you combine auditory (singing), visual (lyric videos), and kinesthetic (hand motions) learning, you get up to 98% retention. This song will help you simultaneously build a foundation of praise, worship, and scripture memory!

Juan 14:5-6 NVI - Señor, no sabemos a dónde vas, así que ¿cómo podemos conocer el camino? Yo soy el camino, la verdad y la vida le contestó Jesús. Nadie llega al Padre sino por mí.

$15.00 Gets you 4 MP4 video files, 2 MP3 audio files, and 2 PDF print files.

This is a digital download product. No physical disks will be shipped for this item.

Leader Training Videos

  • Hand Motion Tutorial – Learn the moves while our choreographer explains all the motions slowly
  • Hand Motion Demonstration – Practice your motions in real-time with one of our teen worship leaders.

HD Worship Leading Videos and Audio Files

  • Full Mix Lyric Video and Audio File- Use this to lead worship and sing along with JumpStart3!
  • Performance Track Lyric Video and Audio File – Use this to lead worship while you provide the vocals! This is perfect for your choir or for scripture karaoke!

PDF Lyric sheets and Chord charts

  • Use the chord charts to perform these songs with your worship band!
  • Lyric sheets make it easy to create transparencies.


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