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We are recruiting kids all over the world to be Musicianaries. A musicianary spreads hope through music and the word of God! We are going on an exciting mission trip to your home. there you will Sing and Dance and learn each week what the bible says and you will go on missions to bring hope to your friends and family.

The mission is to memorize and share a new verse each week for 10 weeks.

Music, motions and family devotions that will help your family to memorize and learn to evangelize. Each week you learn a new song/verse. you can listen on Spotify or Apple Music or buy the mp3, You can watch the lyric video on Youtube. Or you can buy the video bundle that includes exciting American sign Language hand motions so you can memorize even faster. Do the devotion as a family and learn what the bible ver means and how to apply it to your life then go on a mission to share what you learned with 3 people. Each week we want you to film yourself or your family saying, singing, shouting the bible verse in a fun way and submit your video. We will pick the top 5 videos each week for everyone to vote on (invite friends and family to pick yours) the winner each week will be featured on this page and will receive a special prize.

Hide God's word in your family's heart by making scripture stick in your minds with these JumpStart3 family resources.

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