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The One To Watch!

The One To Watch!

Have you seen anything good at the movies lately? Angel studios has just released the movie,”Sound of Freedom” and it  is a must see!  “Sound of Freedom” is the true story of a federal agent turned child redeemer. When homeland security agent Tim Ballard is forced to ask himself how can one person make a difference? Sex trafficking has become an epidemic in our country, a $99 billion industry! Tim cannot sit by and do nothing while innocent children are stolen and exploited, he chooses to take a stand and hold others accountable to do so as well?

Why ”Sound of Freedom”

"Sound of Freedom" will not give you the warm fuzzies and is not a first date movie. In fact, it is not an easy movie to watch. It has been deemed a thriller by some. It will make you uncomfortable in your seat.  Yet, despite being produced on a small budget, and being played in half the theaters as the other big ticket releases, it has been a breakthrough, out grossing them all.

What Can I Do?

"Sound of Freedom' delivers a strong call to action. Will you get involved? Will you save a child?  This film shines a glaring light on the darkness invading our society and our media and implores people to make a choice. For more information on the movie “Sound of Freedom” or to support the cause, please visit Angel Studios. Angel Studios Homepage!

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