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ssmo books of the bible

Books of the Bible - Digital Single

Learning the books of the bible is easy and exciting with this new song from JumpStart3. You learn all 66 book in this modern song that your kids will love.

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JS3-front-back-Christmas preview

Christmas - Digital download cards

Give life changing gifts for Christmas from JumpStart3. Give families 7 song they will love on a custom card.

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What is JumpStart3?

JumpStart3 is high energy worship that engages your senses, captures your mind and hides God's Word in your heart!

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Pastors love Jumpstart3!

Do you want JumpStart3 at your next event?

JumpStart3 is on the move! We are excited to visit your church and minister with you. We offer five different event types to choose from: missionary visit, family church service, family concerts, multi-day (i.e., camp, VBS) and a Christian school chapel.

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